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Medical and Vision Information

The Vision Exam

Initial issuance of a driver's license or instructional permit requires each driver to have his/her eyes tested by mechanical device. The applicant must meet the following requirements, with or without corrective lenses, to pass the vision exam:

Regular Class Driver's License
20/60 in one eye and at least 140 degree field of vision. The applicant will be required to have a Vision Report Form (DS-274) completed by a licensed practitioner should they fail the field vision screening.

Commercial Class Driver's License
Federal Requirements are 20/40 in each eye and at least 140 degree field of vision. If these vision requirements are not met then Form DDSVE1 must be submitted to make a request to be exempted from Federal CDL vision requirements. If the exemption is granted, the driver would only be given a Georgia Intra-State Driver's License.

Applicants who have a vision restriction on their driver's license and elect to have surgery to correct their vision must come into a Customer Service Center and pass the vision exam to have the restriction removed from their driver's license.


An applicant previously assessed with a disqualifying physical or mental disability or disease will need to:

  1. Have a physician determine if your medical condition makes it impossible for you to drive safely.
  2. Have a physician fill out a Medical Evaluation form (DS-287).
  3. Provide the license examiner with your Medical Evaluation form.
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