Department of Driver Services Adds Practice Test to Website


In an effort to support first time applicants for Georgia driver permits and licenses, the Department of Driver Services (DDS) has added a Practice Test on the agency's website: This practice knowledge test will help new drivers prepare for the road rules and road signs testing portion of the Georgia driver’s licensing application process.

"The mission of this new Agency is to provide excellent customer service. The addition of this web-based tool to help Georgians become safer drivers will serve the entire driving public well," said Greg Dozier, DDS Commissioner.

All information to pass the test is contained in the current Georgia Driver’s Manual which is also available on the agency’s website.

The test questions require comprehension and critical judgment -- rather than simply memorizing facts. It will give students an idea of twenty actual test questions that they may be presented at the customer service center and should serve as a useful guide as they prepare. A better prepared student will be a safer, courteous driver. In addition, a better prepared student will likely pass the exam on the first attempt eliminating the need for returning to the center for a retest.

The Road Rules Test consists of a set of multiple choice questions about driver responsibility, knowledge of laws and safe driving practices. The practice test generates 15 random questions. To pass the actual test, the applicants must answer at least 15 out of 20 questions correctly.

The Road Sign Test consists of a set of multiple choice questions on the meaning of standard highway signs. The practice test includes five questions. The applicants must meet 15 out of 20 correct answers to pass the actual test.

The online test is scored after completion, and any incorrect answers are identified. The student must then determine the correct answer. The test is static, so students can not access the full exam. Questions at the center are randomly selected from a bank of 50 questions.

DDS continues to revise and expand the website making it easier for customers to access vital information in an effective and efficient manner. A section at the bottom of each posted article allows customers to rate the information contained and also submit customer comments. The rating information is monitored, and the online content is edited and revised as warranted.

Since July 1st, over 200,000 DDS customers, an average of 3,500 each day, have accessed the website for information. Several licensing transactions are available online including driver's license renewal and address changes. The department is committed to improving customer service by developing additional online transactions which will be offered in the future.

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