Department of Driver Services (DDS) Launches Online Option for Commercial Drivers


US DOT Medical Card submission Now Easier to Provide!

The Department of Driver Services (DDS) has expanded its online services to help commercial drivers (CDL) self-certify their type of commerce as Federal requirements require and, if needed, submit medical certification documentation in a faster and more convenient way. By visiting and creating an account, CDL customers will have 24/7 access to update and/or transmit documentation whether at home or out on the road. The deadline for Federal compliance is January 30, 2014.

“We are happy to initiate this online service for CDL customers who are vital to our state’s economy,” said DDS Commissioner Rob Mikell. “This enhancement enables CDL customers to access valuable information about their license and make immediate updates and submissions without interrupting their business routine -- even using smartphones and tablets,” he added. The deadline for Federal compliance is January 30, 2014.

About the Service

CDL customers may visit the DDS website at to create or logon to their existing online account. Next, select the ‘CDL: Self-Certification and Medical Documentation Status’ option. Customers are then provided their current CDL status and information (US DoT Medical Card and/or medical waiver documents) on file with the department. This enables each customer to manage their CDL account much like online banking. Existing documents may be viewed and updated medical documentation may be immediately uploaded. There is no additional surcharge for this feature. The ability to receive email notifications will alert the driver to any required actions. Enhancing DDS online services ensures that the wait times remain manageable for those that must visit in person and also increases cost savings by reducing the number of mailed postcard reminders to CDL drivers.


For over a year, DDS has been collecting information from Georgia CDL holders pursuant to new Federal Medical Certification Requirements (§ 383.71(a)(1)(ii), Code of Federal Regulations205). The new DDS process requires all CDL holders licensed in Georgia to certify their type of commerce with DDS. This is done by completing a Commercial Self-Certification Form (DDS Form 1207). Then, those drivers who certify in non-excepted interstate or intrastate commerce must also maintain a valid US DoT Medical Card and/or medical waiver on file with DDS. However, all drivers must continue to carry their US DoT Medical Cards on their person while operating their vehicle – a standard procedure prior to this process. The goal is to link each CDL with the driver’s medical certification information in the Commercial Driver’s License Information System, the federal electronic database, so that law enforcement and licensing agencies in any state can have electronic access to a driver’s CDL medical status. That status will also then be available on driver records requested by employers or law enforcement.

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