Advanced Motorcycle Training Offered in Walton County


(Between/Monroe, GA – March 2013) – The Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program (GMSP), a part of the Department of Driver Services (DDS), is offering the Advanced Rider Course on March 2, 2013 at the Customer Service Center (CSC) at 1010 Heritage Parkway, Between, Georgia from 8am – 6pm. 

The ARC Course is a one-day workshop that is open to experienced motorcyclists who want to fine-tune their skills and bring their riding to the next level. All motorcyclists are welcome, encouraged to attend and do not need a sport bike to take this course. The fee for this training is $100.00. 

In the interactive environment of the classroom, the focus is on self-assessment, risk management, rider behavior and riding strategies. Then that knowledge is taken out to the closed-course riding range to develop in-depth skills for controlled braking, threshold braking, efficient cornering, maximum traction, and enhanced swerving. 

Requirements for the ARC are:

  • A street-legal motorcycle (subject to a safety inspection)
  • DOT approved helmet
  • Proof of insurance for the motorcycle
  • Proof of ownership for the  motorcycle
  • Possess a valid Class M License
  • Wear appropriate riding gear: long sleeve shirt or jacket, long pants or jeans, over the ankle boots, gloves (full fingered), and eye protection.
  • Sign a waiver
  • Bring a parent or legal guardian to the course, if under 18 years old 

For additional course information and online registration visit,

About the Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program

The Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program (GMSP) is a part of the Georgia Department of Driver Services. In addition to offering rider education and licensing programs, the GMSP also promotes motorist awareness programs, share the road campaigns, and is focused on highway safety issues affecting Georgia motorcyclists. The GMSP directly operates  training sites throughout Georgia.