DDS Commissioner Cites Customer Service Enhancements

Department of Driver Services (DDS) Commissioner Rob Mikell announced today that another milestone of Georgia’s federal Real ID compliant licensing program, SecureID, was reached on July 3rd.  For over a year, customers have been providing original documentation in person to prove identity, social security number, and two proofs of residency for license or ID Card issuance and/or renewal to comply with the Federal Real ID Act of 2005. Over 1.5 million customers have been issued a compliant license and/or ID.

Secure ID is aimed at ensuring the integrity of the credentials that DDS issues. It allows Georgia to meet upcoming federal requirements for air travel security screening and entry into federal buildings. It also reduces the possibility of identity theft.  Over the past year, approximately 20% of Georgia’s 7.6 million drivers have been issued a secure driver’s license and/or ID Card.

“We will continue to monitor our processes, and when ethical and cost effective initiate additional customer service enhancements to make this important process easier to navigate,” said Commissioner Mikell.

He stressed that many process improvements have been instituted since the launch.  Each enhancement is aimed at saving customers’ valuable time and eliminating unnecessary trips. The most recent improvement is the ability for customers to submit any outstanding residency and/or social security information online, by FAX or mail. This eliminates a return trip to a DDS customer service center to finalize the issuance process.

Additional initiatives on the horizon include a series of online reinstatement services and the ability to complete the required licensing application before visiting.

“Please take advantage of the many online services already available at . Customers who create a Personal Document Checklist of what to bring are prepared for a successful transaction,” Commissioner Mikell added. 

Customer Service Improvements

  • Center wait times can be checked and compared online at  A two week historical average makes it easy to target the optimal time for service at each location.
  • A Personal Document Checklist can be created before visiting to ensure that all the requirements are met.
  • Residency and/or Social Security requirements can be provided online or by FAX to eliminate a return trip to finalize issuance at

Please visit for complete licensing requirements.