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FMCSA Announcement Regarding Interpreting the Medical Examiners Certificate

FMCSA has received a number of questions regarding drivers who have been turned away from a licensing center because their Medical Examiners Certificate is marked "NO" in the block, "does the driver have a CDL."  For example, Student Divers may be required to obtain a physical exam in order to obtain a first time CDL, are being turned away from state license agencies because the block is marked "NO" for CDL. The YES/NO box on the medical form (for if a driver has a CDL), is currently for statistical information only. The doctors should be checking "NO" if they're evaluating a person without a CDL or one who is working towards a Permit. The State should continue with the licensing process regardless of whether his block is marked YES or NO because the medical requirement is the same for an interstate driver regardless of whether or not they need a CDL.

State licensing centers should accept this as a valid medical and continue with the licensing process. The medical requirements apply if a driver is operating a CMV; which may or may not require a CDL, or in the example above, the driver may be obtaining a CDL or CLP for the first time. Given those scenarios, the driver would have answered the Medical Examiners question "NO", and been accurate in doing so. The fact that the applicant did not have a valid CDL during the medical examination doesn't mean the State cannot issue a CDL/CLP. If the Medical Examiner's Certificate was performed by an authorized Medical Examiner, the State should continue with the licensing issuance, regardless of how the CDL Box is marked/answered.

Note: When the second national registry final rule is published later this year authorizing the electronic transmission of the medical examiner's certification (MEC) information to the state licensing center, this box will be modified to read "YES/NO CLP/CDL Applicant/Holder" for the purpose of determining whether the MEC information should be sent to the state licensing center.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Michael Gordon, CDL Team Leader, 304-549-2651

DOT Reminds Commercial Drivers that Physicals Must Now Be Performed by Certified Medical Examiners