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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Chapter 375-3-3

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375-3-3-.14 Suspension of Operating Privilege for Failure to Respond to Citation

(1) An individual who fails to comply with a citation in which personal recognizance is permitted shall, pursuant to O.C.G.A. §40-5-56, be notified that their license will be suspended.

(2) The court in which the charges are lodged shall:

(a) Complete the DDS-912 and mail to the violator the copy entitled "Defendant's Notice."

(b) The court shall then mail to the Department of Driver Services the copy of the DDS-912 entitled "Home Jurisdiction Copy."

(3) When such individual shall respond and pay any fines and penalties imposed, the court shall:

(a) Mail to the individual the copy of the DDS-912 entitled "Defendant's Receipt," and

(b) Mail to the Department of Public Safety the copy of the DDS-912 entitled "Home Jurisdiction -- Suspension Withdrawal."

(4) The Department of Driver Services shall take whatever action is required by law and/or any reciprocal agreements or compacts entered into with other states or jurisdictions.

Authority: O.C.G.A. §§40-5-4, 40-5-56
Filed Date: 4/18/2006
Effective Date: 5/8/2006