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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Chapter 375-3-4

375-3-4-.02 Numbering and Accountability for Uniform Traffic Citations

(1) Each uniform traffic citation shall have a unique number which will include an agency identifying number assigned by the Commissioner.

(2) Any law enforcement agency which utilizes the uniform traffic citation shall establish a system of accountability for each citation which comes into its possession. This system shall include a file or files containing, in numerical order, or alphabetical order, the agency copy of each issued citation and such additional records and files as may be necessary to account, by unique number, for:

(a) The date of distribution of each blank citation (or block of citations) and the officer to whom given.

(b) All copies of all voided citations.

(c) The circumstances under which any citation (or block of citations) has been lost or misplaced.

(3) Agency records concerning the uniform traffic citation are public records. They shall be made available to any agent of the Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Commissioner or Georgia Bureau of Investigation upon request and to other persons at reasonable times and places.


Authority: O.C.G.A. ยง40-13-1
Filed Date: 4/18/2006
Effective Date: 5/8/2006