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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Chapter 375-5-1

375-5-1-.09 Location of Clinic

(1) Any clinic that wishes to offer its service other than at the principal place of business must establish a classroom at the new location.

(2) All classrooms shall be licensed in the same manner and subject to the same qualifications as the principal office of the clinic with the exception of telephone, office, films, brochures and other printed materials. Necessary films, brochures and other printed materials shall be used in providing all courses of instruction. Only in the event that duplicate material exists as required will a clinic be authorized to provide more than one class on the same date.

(3) Approval of the office or classroom will be determined after the inspection of said location is made by a representative of the Department and verification that the location complies with all legal requirements.

(4) A Driver Improvement License will not be issued for a location where the distribution of or the sale of alcoholic beverages has been approved.

(5) If the office or a classroom location of any Driver Improvement Clinic is to be moved and/or relocated for any reason, the following requirements are necessary prior to this move.

(a) Notify the Department in writing of the change of the office and/or classroom

(b) Inspection of the new office or classroom must be made by a representative of the Department and approved prior to any instruction of students.

(6) Any school or classroom facility utilized for or approved for the purposes of a Driver Improvement Clinic shall comply with the requirements set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, before a permit is issued. The owner shall certify to the Department that the [specify facility] complies with the Act and its implementing regulations.


(a) A licensed driver improvement clinic that provides instruction via distance learning methods in a classroom of a secondary school, technical school, college, or approved driver improvement clinic classroom shall not be required to obtain a separate license for the use of that classroom; provided that prior notice must be given to, and approval granted by, the Department prior to the use of such a facility. Such approval will be considered only if requested by a licensed driver improvement clinic that has held a license in good standing for the preceding five years prior to application.

(b) A classroom used for distance learning must be staffed by a licensed instructor or proctor at all times during the provision of instruction. The clinic must ensure that adequate equipment is provided at the remote site to enable students to view and hear the instructor and to enable the instructor to hear comments and questions from the students at the remote site. In the event the equipment ceases to function at any time, no further instruction may be provided at the remote site unless a licensed instructor is present to continue instruction in person. Certificates of completion may be issued only by a licensed instructor.

(8) If a licensed driver improvement clinic closes a facility, the clinic must furnish 30 days’ advance written notice of the closing to the Department. A copy of said notice shall be posted on the exterior door of the facility so as to be visible to the clinic’s customers. Any license for that facility must be surrendered to the Department. Unused Certificates of Completion must be transferred to another clinic facility or returned to the Department. Class rosters must be transferred to another clinic facility or submitted to the Department prior to closure of the facility.


Authority: Ga. L. 1978, Act 1495, Ga. Code Title 68D; O.C.G.A. Secs. 40-5-4, 40-5-83.
Filed Date: 2/20/2003
Effective Date: 3/12/2003