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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Chapter 375-5-2

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375-5-2-.03 Procedures for Original Driver Training School License. Amended.

(1) Before any original license may be issued to any person for a driver training school or limited driver training school to operate in the State of Georgia, an application shall be made in writing to the Department, on a form prepared and furnished by the Department, which shall include a statement showing:

(a) The title or name of the school together with complete ownership and names and addresses of directors, officers and controlling stockholders therein.

(b) The specific curriculum of instruction that will be offered by the school.

(c) The principal place of business and other locations where instruction will be provided that may include; behind the wheel instruction, utilization of simulators, range, road, and road test.

(d) Virtual driver training programs may have a principal place of business located outside the state.

(e) A statement that the owners of the driver training school  or limited driver training school are twenty-one (21) years of age of over.

(2) The applicant must submit a certified copy from the clerk of the appropriate Superior Court evidencing the registration of a business or trade name if the business is to be conducted under such a trade name in lieu of the name of the corporation, person, partnership, or other entity, which owns such driver training school.

(3) The application by the owner, partners, officers or controlling stockholders of any driver training school  or limited driver training school shall be accompanied by one (1) 2 X 2 photograph of the applicant(s). The photograph shall be taken within thirty (30) days of the date of filing the application. The photograph must show a full view of the face, neck, shoulders and uncovered head.

(4) The applicant must submit a notarized certification of the adopted business name if such business is to be conducted under an adopted business name.

(5) The applicant must submit to the Department, in addition to all other requirements, the following:

(a) Samples of any and all contracts to be used by the school.

(b) Sample copies of all forms to be used by the school that will be furnished or delivered to its students.

(c) Sample copies of all forms of receipts to be used by the school.

(d) A list designating the full names and addresses of all instructors of the school.

(e) Virtual driver training programs must submit full names, addresses and e-mail contact for all program administers.

(6) The application by the owner, partners, officers or controlling stockholders of any driver training school shall be accompanied by two (2) sets of fingerprints of each digit of the right and left hands, an affidavit from a state, county, or city officer qualified to make such fingerprints that the fingerprints are those of the applicants, and an executed consent for background investigation form, and the processing fee for the actual cost of processing for each set fingerprint cards.

(7) Limited driver training schools shall be required to obtain a limited license as a driver training school.

(8) Temporary driver training permit:

Any person, partnership, limited liability company, school or corporation may obtain a temporary driver training permit for a period of seven (7) consecutive days beginning and ending on the dates specified on the face of the permit.  Temporary driver training permits shall be obtained by entities which offer occasional driver training instruction that do not maintain a permanent classroom located within the state and comply with the following:

(a) The fee for each temporary driver training permit shall be $100.00 per week and $25.00 for each vehicle.

(b) No temporary driver training permit shall be issued without the commissioner having first received satisfactory proof that the applicant meets the insurance requirements as defined in O.C.G.A § 43-13-4.

(c)  Applicant must meet all vehicle and safety requirements as set forth in the rules and regulations of the commissioner.

(d) A temporary driver training permit shall be displayed in a conspicuous location at any time instruction is being given and a copy of such permit shall be located in each vehicle that is registered for the purpose of providing instruction.


Authority: O.C.G.A. ยง43-13-2(3)
Filed Date: 9/11/2006
Effective Date: 10/1/2006