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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Chapter 375-5-4

375-5-4-.03 General Regulations

(1) All schools with grade nine and above which receive funds in any manner from the state shall make available to eligible students the ADAP course at least once annually.

(2) Scheduling for such courses shall adhere to school policies and procedures.

(3) Make-up classes shall be taught by employees of the Department, local law enforcement and other designated individuals in centralized locations to be designated and approved by the Department.  Such classes shall be made available to those students who are unable to obtain an ADAP class in public or private schools or home schooled students.

(4) A make-up class once scheduled and published must be held except, a class could be cancelled due to the following:

(a) By an act of nature (fire, flood or other disaster)

(b) Instructor unable to conduct class due to accident, serious illness, or family emergency.  (When possible, prior to the cancellation of any ADAP class, the Department must be given a 24 hour notice and notice must be posted in a conspicuous place where class is scheduled to be held).

(c) If it is determined by the instructor that conditions would be unsafe for the student to attend class such as inclement weather, unsafe facilities, or any other condition that could cause harm to students.

(5) The maximum number of students attending an ADAP class shall not exceed 60 students per one instructor without prior approval of the Department.



Authority: O.C.G.A. ยง20-2-142(b)(1)
Filed Date: 5/10/2006
Effective Date: 5/30/2006