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The Columbus Center's motorcycle course has been paved over and we can not give motorcycle tests or courses there until re-striped. It is unknown at this time when it will be completed. Sorry for any inconvenience it may cause you.

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Chapter 375-5-4

375-5-4-.07 Testing

(1) Each student must attend each of the four (4) sessions in order to qualify for the examination.

(a) Retest: Any student who has attended the referenced sessions may retest with a subsequent class without further instruction.

(b) Only two (2) retests will be authorized without attending additional instructional session.

(c) Any retest may be scheduled at the discretion of the instructor or the school principal.

(d) Oral test may be conducted at the discretion of the school principal or instructor.

(2)  A minimum score of 70 must be attained to authorize issuance of a Certificate of Completion.

Authority: O.C.G.A. ยง20-2-142(b)(1)
Filed Date: 5/10/2006
Effective Date: 5/30/2006