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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Chapter 375-5-4

375-5-4-.08 Parental Component

(1)  The ADAP course shall include a voluntary component available for participation by each child’s parents or guardians.  The parental component shall include a joint session for the child to complete with such parents or guardians and a separate component to be completed by such parents or guardians without the participation of their children.

(2)  The content of the joint component shall include anti-drug and anti-alcohol material, while the parental component shall include material relating to drug prevention strategies, legal accountability information, an opportunity for parent or guardian to submit questions to an instructor or the Department, and any other information that the Department believes would be useful for parents and guardians to use to protect their children from alcohol and other drug use.

(3)  The parental component of ADAP may be offered online.

(4)  Each parent or guardian who completes the voluntary parental component of ADAP may obtain a one-time three-year online motor vehicle report for himself or herself.  Parents and guardians may complete the parental component with each of their children and obtain additional driving records for each such session.


Authority: O.C.G.A. ยงยง40-5-4, 40-5-25.
Filed Date: 12/26/2012
Effective Date: 1/15/2013