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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Chapter 375-5-6

375-5-6-.14 Assessment Component

(1) Programs shall only use the Assessment Component designated by the Department.


(2) An Assessment Component contract between the Program and Student or Offender must be executed before the Assessment Component can be administered.


(3) Assessment Components shall be conducted in accordance with the following criteria:


(a) All persons attending the Program shall be undergo an Assessment Component.


(b) Assessment Components shall be processed at least thirty (30) minutes before the beginning of the first Intervention Component Session;


(c) Results of the Assessment Component may not be transferred between Programs except in the following situations:


1. A class for which a Student has a signed intervention contract has been cancelled;


2. The Student has moved at least thirty (30) miles away.  The fee for transferring results of an Assessment Component due to Student relocation shall be no more than $25.00; or


3. There is an emergency and prior approval by the Department has been obtained.


(d) The Assessment Component shall be administered in accordance with the directions and materials approved by the Department;


(e) Each Program shall retain proof of its authorized use of Assessment Components and shall use the Assessment Component only for the purpose of assessing Students attending the Program;


(f) Assessment Components shall only be administered at the Program’s certified premises, in a manner that affords privacy to the individual being assessed, and that facilitates concentration and freedom from distractions;


(g) The individual results of the Assessment Component are to be confidential and shall only be discussed in private with the individual assessed;


(h) Students shall be informed that the Assessment Component is valid for a one (1) year period, that failure to enroll in the Intervention Component within that period of time will result in the need for another Assessment Component with payment of another assessment fee, and that any subsequent convictions within the one-year period or thereafter will require that a Student take a separate Assessment Component;


(i) Assessment Components shall be coded in accordance with instructions provided by the Department;


(j) Each Program shall maintain a monthly roster of all Offenders who have taken the Assessment Component using the automated assessment roster of the approved assessment instrument;


(k) Assessment fees shall be paid to the state on all Offenders assessed, including those who did not sign an Intervention Component contract, did not return for class after signing an intervention contract, or have not attended all class Sessions;


(l) Completed original assessment rosters and rebate fees for each calendar month shall be sent to the Department in time for them to be received by the tenth (10th) calendar day of the month following the report month;


(m) Each Program shall maintain copies of the monthly assessment rosters and copies of rebate checks mailed to the Department; and


(n) Illiterate and/or disabled Students and Offenders shall be reasonably accommodated in the administration of the Assessment Component.

Authority: O.C.G.A. ยงยง40-5-82 and 40-5-83.
Filed Date: 7/24/2009
Effective Date: 8/13/2009