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The Columbus Center's motorcycle course has been paved over and we can not give motorcycle tests or courses there until re-striped. It is unknown at this time when it will be completed. Sorry for any inconvenience it may cause you.

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Chapter 375-6-1

375-6-1-.09 Minimum Requirements for Inspection.

(1) Before an inspection sticker may be issued for a bus, the bus must pass a minimum North American Standard Vehicle Safety Inspection (Level 5).


(2) In addition to the minimum requirements of a North American Standard Vehicle Safety Inspection (Level 5), each bus must further meet Georgia School Bus Specifications standards established annually by the Georgia Department of Education.


Authority: O.C.G.A. ยงยง 40-8-74; 40-8-111, 40-8-220.
Filed Date: 1/24/2005
Effective Date: 2/13/2005