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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Chapter 375-6-1

375-6-1-.10 Body

(1) All public school buses shall be inspected annually or at the discretion of the Commissioner, by employees of the Department.

(2) Each public school bus shall be inspected for:

(a) Front and rear sign containing the words "School Bus" in letters not less than eight inches (8") in height.

(b) Every bus used for transporting school children shall be painted National School Bus Chrome Yellow.

(c) Have an emergency door located either at the rear of the body or at the side of the body opposite from the side on which the students normally board. Said door shall be operative from both the interior and exterior of the bus at all times.

1. The emergency door shall be equipped with a slide-bar cam-operated lock. The slide bar shall have a minimum stroke of 1 inch. The emergency door shall be equipped with a suitable electric plunger-type switch and with buzzers located in the driver’s compartment. The switch shall be enclosed and the wires leading from the switch shall be concealed in the body. The switch shall be installed so that the plunger of the switch contacts the farthest edge of the slide bar in such a manner that a slight movement of the slide bar will immediately close the switch and activate the buzzer.

2. The door lock shall be equipped with an interior handle that extends approximately to the center of the emergency door. It shall lift up to release the lock.

(d) The driver’s seat shall be equipped with a seat belt.

(e) Combination clearance and marker lights shall be installed at each of the four roof corners. The two front lights shall be amber in color and the two rear lights shall be red in color. A cluster of three clearance and marker lights in the front and rear of the bus at the roof line is required.

(f) The body of said buses shall be equipped with four hooded or recessed red flasher or four red flasher lamps and four amber flasher lamps mounted on the same horizontal centerline. The system shall be wired so that the amber signal lamps are activated only by manual or foot operation and if activated are automatically deactivated and the red signal lamps activated when the bus entrance door is opened.

(g) There shall be installed on the left outside of the body a stoparm to give notice to drivers of other vehicles that the bus is making a stop.

(h) The exhaust system of said buses shall carry exhaust gasses from the engine to the discharge point into the atmosphere which shall be beyond the rear wheels and extend to a point as follows:

1. When exhaust is discharged on the side of vehicle, the discharge point shall be at or beyond the outermost flange of the body at the side of such vehicle;

2. When exhaust is discharged at the rear of the vehicle, the discharge point shall be at or beyond the rear bumper of such vehicle.

(i) All floor joints of such buses shall be gas tight and constructed so as to prevent the entry of engine exhaust gases into the passenger compartment. Any opening or separation of joints in the floor shall be repaired before the bus is used for transportation of children.

(j) Exterior Mirror--Two exterior clear-view, rear view mirrors shall be mounted forward, one to the left and one to the right of the driver. Area of each mirror shall be not less than 50 square inches overall. Each mirror shall be firmly supported and adjustable to give the driver a clear view past the left rear and right rear of the bus.

1. Two exterior convex type mirrors shall be mounted forward, one to the left and one to the right of the driver. Each mirror shall be a minimum of 6 x 6 inches overall, rectangular in shape and shall have a minimum 21 inch to a maximum 30 inch radius of curvature on the convex. Each mirror shall be firmly supported and adjustable to give the driver a clear view of the left rear wheels and the immediate adjacent area and the right wheels and the immediate adjacent area.

(k) An 8" convex cross-view mirror shall be mounted on the left fender so that the driver will have a view directly in front of the bus. The mirror shall have a minimum diameter of 7 1/2 inches of exposed mirror surface. The case containing the mirror shall be so constructed that the mirror may be replaced.

1. Exception: Transit buses shall have 8" convex cross-view mirror mounted on the right side.

(l) Interior Mirror - One rear view non-glare mirror 6 inches x 30 inches in size, having a metal frame and back to be securely attached on the windshield header and so located as to give the driver a clear view of the entire interior of the bus and road behind.

(m) Horn - Every school bus shall be equipped with a horn capable of emitting a sound which, under normal conditions, shall be audible from a distance of 200 feet.

(n) Radio speakers - No bus shall have radio speakers used for music or entertainment forward of a line five (5) feet from the rear of the driver’s seat. Existing speakers in this area shall be permanently disabled. This prohibition does not apply to speakers used for communications purposes.


Authority: O.C.G.A. ยง 40-8-220
Filed Date: 9/13/2002
Effective Date: 10/3/2002