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Tips for Selecting a Driver Training Program

Use the following tips in selecting the best driver education school for you:

Ask Friends and Neighbors
Have they attended a program? Can they recommend one for you?

Call Several Programs
Find out about course schedules, fees, registration procedures, and the next available course dates and times.

Visit Programs
Ask to see classrooms and if you could observe part of a course. Classrooms should be clean, orderly and set up to conduct classroom sessions. Ask to see the program textbook. (Note: The Georgia Driver's Manual is not a textbook.) Is the text up to date? Are there enough textbooks for all students?

Check the Driver Education Program License
It must be displayed in the school's business office.

Ask How Many Fully Licensed Driver Education Instructors Work for the School
Determine how many instructors teach classroom, behind-the-wheel, or both phases of the program. The number of instructors may affect the time it will take to complete all the program requirements.

Check Classroom vs. Behind The-Wheel-Sessions
See the average amount of time that's needed to complete the 30 hours of classroom and 6 hours behind-the-wheel. Make sure you don't have to wait a long time to start the behind-the-wheel phase of the course. The ideal program integrates behind-the-wheel and classroom training. Do not assume the fastest program is the way to go. New drivers need time to learn. Check details.

Check Details
Ask about refund policies, class make-up policies, and remedial training policies. Do you need to sign a contract?

Find out about Complaints
Ask how to file complaints and how the school resolves complaints.

Ask to see the Driver Education Vehicles
They should be clean, late model cars, and all must pass the Georgia Safety Inspection annually.

Find out if the Instructor Picks Students Up at Home
This is a convenience, but not a requirement, for the behind-the-wheel portion of driver education. It is very difficult to teach a behind the wheel session if the instructor is not familiar with the practice route.

Ask for References
Get a few names of previous students of the program you may call as a reference. Remember, price is not the sole factor in choosing a driver education program. You must compare instructional quality, class size and behind-the-wheel lessons. Choose your driver education program with care, and drive safely forever!

Students With Disabilities
Students with disabilities should choose a program with instructors and equipment designed for their specific needs. For instance, vehicles should include hand controls, an adjustable steering column, and other aids for disabled drivers.

Last Updated On: 2/27/2013